A BLCC follow-up training
with Squidll.

Enhance the effectiveness of your employees' BLCC language training by providing them with extra support during crucial moments. With Squidll, your team can rely on on-demand language support from our BLCC language coaches 24/7.

one-on-one online live sessions

On-demand language support.

Does your employee need a few extra sessions with a language trainer after a BLCC language course? Do you want to provide an employee access to language support for critical moments such as an important presentation, phone call or negotiation?

With Squidll, you give your employees 24/7 access to on-demand language support. This way, they can further develop their language skills after completing their BLCC training.


Tailored language support based on the needs of your employees.

Don't let language barriers hold back your team any longer. Let's Squidll!

On-demand language support.

  • Flexible on-demand language support and training.
  • 100% personalised and tailored.
  • Book your online session within the hour, 24/7.
WEB / Online training meeting skills
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Experienced BLCC language coaches.

  • Experienced business language coaches with expertise in HR, Marketing, Sales ...
  • Filter based on domain or topic
    (e.g. presenting, telephoning, emailing).
  • 4 languages: English, French, German or Dutch. Focus on one language or combine more.

Easy credit system.

  • Employees book their own sessions with the language coach of their choice.
  • Prices and packages based on the needs of your team.
  • No time limit on credit usage.
  • Credits transferable between employees. 
WEB / Mockup flexible booking

Let's Squidll.

Make language maintenance accessible with Squidll's flexible language support. Give your employees' careers an extra boost.

Ready to Squidll? Your employees can get started in just 5 easy steps.

  • Time-Items
    Buy credits for your team.

    Purchase the credits for your team, and we'll ensure they receive the correct allocation of credits on their accounts. There is no time limit on credit usage, and credits can be transferred between employees.

  • Time-Items
    Sign up.

    Let your employees create an account quickly and easily. They then choose a username based on their email address and create their own password.

  • Time-Items
    Complete the onboarding.

    Your employees complete the onboarding by answering 5 short questions. Once done we will add the requested amount of credits, which will allow them to book their sessions.

  • Time-Items
    Find a coach.

    Your employees discover our coaches and their areas of expertise. Found a match? Then they're ready to send a booking request or chat with a coach.

  • Time-Items
    Enjoy the session.

    It’s time to start learning! The session will take place directly on the Squidll platform. Log into Squidll and access the virtual room by clicking on the telephone icon.

  • Time-Items
    AI generated exercises.

    After each session your employees will be able to go through the lesson review and AI generated exercises as many times as they like.


Any questions?

Not sure if Squidll is the right platform for your team? Contact us and we will listen to your specific needs and answer your concerns.